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Open Source Project - Android Java Audio Registrar - GNU GPL

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  Your alibi

    Android Java AudioREGISTRAR
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    Java project in source codes - audio recorder for smartphone - AudioREG. This application allows you to record sound from a standard smartphone microphone and upload it to any web server using an FTP client.
    Full Android Studio Project 25 Mbytes in ZIP. Free download
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    Such an application can be used to create an alibi - this is your personal witness. On the settings screen, you must specify the website address with FTP access, login, password and folder name for downloading sound files. To record sound files, you can use any web hosting (paid or free) that provides FTP access to download files.
    The application has two modes of operation: standard and hidden.
    In standard mode, the user can configure the FTP client, enable and disable sound recording, and listen to the recording.
    In stealth mode (hidden), the application starts recording audio to files immediately after launch. At the same time, no application settings are available and the application runs in the background - it is not displayed on the smartphone screen.

Open Source

    The Android project contains all the necessary files and libraries for copying. The application was developed for API 29 and is not debugable on the emulator. Real phone Samsung Galaxy M21 used for debugging.
    The application records audio from the smartphone's microphone using the operating system's standard recorder. Every 2 minutes the sound file is uploaded to the web server via the FTP client. Sound files are also stored in the protected memory of the application until the next launch.
    Sound files are sequentially numbered. Sound File Format - 3gpp. You can select several other audio recording formats using Open Source Project.
    The 3gpp format can be listened to through a browser or VLC player. You can also use specialized multi-format players.
    Audio registrar
    AudioREG Open Source Project the project is provided "as is" - in a fully working form, ready for compilation, installation on a smartphone and use. The project was not finalized to an ideal state. You can do it all yourself - the GNU GPL license allows you to create your own versions of the application, add and change features, and even sell your versions of the program. It is only necessary to indicate the copyright of the author of this project (including).
    The author created a complete working application project to perform the desired set of functions. You can use it and create perfect versions of programs and earn money. The author plans at this time to develop the next complete Open Source Project.

Open Source

    This project was created specifically for programmers with little experience in software development. The project has few modules. It is easy to upgrade. And while you will have an Android application for real use.
    Project details. The application has two Activities (screens). The first Activity is to start sound recording, stop sound recording, exit the application. The second Activity is for configuring the connection parameters to the FTP server. Connection parameters are written to a separate memory block associated with the application and are deleted when the application is uninstalled - Local Pref.
    The connection parameters are retrieved from Local Pref in the first Activity and are used by the FTP client to connect and upload sound files to the web server.
    The app has an interesting stealth mode. On the first Activity there is a CheckBox. If you install it, the application will start only in hidden mode. Egl will not be visible on the screen and all settings will be unavailable. The sound recording mode and uploading files to the FTP server (web server) will be immediately enabled.
    This mode cannot be cancelled. You can only uninstall the application and reinstall it. This mode is needed if you may be in danger. Even if your smartphone falls into the hands of an attacker, it will be difficult to understand what kind of application it is and where it connects.
    (c) by
Valery Shmelev https://www.linkedin.com/in/valery-shmelev-479206227/
    Development of ready-made Java projects with open source code for startups, special services and for the relocation of programmers.
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    Open Source GNU GPL
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    Open Source GNU GPL - Use this project "as is" to create your own free or commercial software. Just specify the copyright of the original project.
    Location: Praha, Czech Republic

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